You’ll always be there.

When a child tries something for the first time, it’s mom’s presence that makes the difference.

For over 34 years, Amita has been one of Greece’s most favourite brands. So it was about time Amita rewarded customer loyalty by acquiring a greater role within the Greek family.

Motherhood is synonymous with unconditional love and support. To be a mother means to always be there for your children, especially on their “firsts”, i.e. the first time they win a competition, act in play, etc. Yet, there’re times you simply can’t be there.

Our idea was to create an online platform,, where mothers could confess to a big “first time” achievement of their children which they were almost certainly going to miss (mostly due to financial reasons). And then Amita would make the impossible possible by making sure that 15 mothers actually got to witness their children’s achievements. The fact that the children weren’t aware of their mothers’ presence until the last possible moment, made each event all the more emotional.

The effort proved to be hugely successful; it became the subject of more than 130 articles, had over 6 million views on the internet and created 48 million impressions.


Ermis Silver (Direct/Integrated Campaign) 2016

Ermis Silver (Branded Entertainment and Content/Non Fiction) 2016

Ermis Bronze (Digital/Integrated Multi-Platform Campaign) 2016