Real Yogurt

An ad full of delicious advertising clichés.

In 2014, following the packaging redesign of their strained yogurt line, Dodoni went ahead with a product relaunch. To this end, ΜcCann Athens created a campaign called “Real Yogurt”, which repositioned the product within the entire yogurt category. By cleverly using advertising clichés, the campaign overturned all the existing product stereotypes.  

The campaign was very successful and helped to strengthen the bond of trust between consumers and the DODONI brand. Also, the TV spots quickly became viral and won Greece’s most prestigious efficiency and creativity awards.


Gold Effie Awards 2016

Grand Ermis Awards (Advertising movies) 2016

Grand Ermis Awards (Broadcast messages) 2016

 Gold Ermis Awards  (Advertising movies Food/Diary/Related Stores) 2016

Gold Ermis Awards (Broadcast messages series works) 2016

Gold Ermis Awards 2016 (Campaigns Consumable Products)