Kotsovolos Thanks to Tech exhibition 2017

Technology comes to life

Brief – the challenge: To organize & communicate an experiential technology exhibition which would maximize visitor engagement. This would enhance the market position of Kotsovolos as the ultimate retailer of electronic appliances.

The idea: An experience-oriented concept that makes visitors step into a new dimension, allowing them to actually touch the future.

The exhibition was set up in the busiest Mall in Athens. For 9 days, in a space of 1,200 sq m, visitors had the chance to interact with more than 130 appliances, 40% of which had not yet been released to the Greek market. Space was divided into separate ecosystems to improve the flow of visitors, with in-between stops that allowed them to interact with devices that came straight from the future. Activations VR, AR, gaming, drone flying & specialized guides were set up in order to enhance the experience.

Results: 30,000 visitors in 9 days.