Shell’s 90-year presence in Greece

How do you celebrate Shell’s 90-year presence in Greece? With a spectacular theatrical production, of course.

Shell wanted to celebrate their 90-year presence in Greece with a corporate event unlike any other.

Instead of creating a classic presentation with lots of boring slides and corporate videos, we came up with a unique, one-and-a-half-hour musical performance, featuring 6 actors, 3 singers and 16 unique acts—all written by a famous playwright especially for Shell. The play was directed by a highly-acclaimed director, while the music score was composed by one of Greece’s most famous composers. The stage design, lighting and costumes were created by a large group of musicians and visual artists—all leading to a seamless performance.

For all 2,500 guests, it was a joyful and, at times, quite emotional, experience, as they themselves became part of Shell’s history in Greece. The event garnered rave reviews from the media and both the event and the performance’s video became a Global Case Study for Shell.


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