New Store Opening

A grand opening, right in the centre of Athens

Kotsovolos, the biggest retailer of electric & electronic appliances in Greece, wanted to celebrate the opening of their new store in downtown Athens with an event worthy of a major film release.

The main objective was for the new store to be identified by consumers as a technology flagship.

In order to establish the brand as the technology expert, we staged a three-all-day event focusing on interactive technology. Since the new store was located in the centre of Athens, the campaign’s motto became “Technology in the centre”. The event’s major attraction was a  50 square-metre LED display which was set up in front of the store and helped to draw in the crowds. In addition to the videos that played on screen, passers-by experienced a custom-made, 360° virtual reality tour of Athens. In total, more than 5,000 customers entered the store on the first day, breaking all previous records.